5 Important Questions to Ask Your Venue Before Hiring Wedding Entertainment

If you are recently engaged and reading this, it’s likely that you have a lot going through your head right now!

On most wedding checklists, booking the ideal wedding venue is the number one priority for most couples. You will be spending a lot of time researching potential venues and imagining your special day taking place there. The reality is, there is so much to consider when hiring a wedding venue for your big day. Today we are going to focus on some of the most important wedding venue questions that you might want to ask if you are hiring wedding entertainment.

Getting your wedding entertainment and live music correct can absolutely make or break your day, so it’s a good idea to ensure everything is order before you hire a wedding band, DJ or other wedding entertainers. When visiting your wedding venue for the first time, don’t regret going in unprepared! So many couples walk away from their venue appointments when all of a sudden a whole bunch of questions will appear in their minds once it’s too late. Here are X questions you should definitely ask about your wedding entertainment.

Can we hire live musicians to perform at the venue?

If any type of live music is important to you on your big day (which is true for most couples!), this should most probably be one of the first questions to ask a wedding venue about wedding entertainment.

Some venues will have restrictions in place when it comes to entertainment and live musicians. This could mean that your choice is limited when it comes to actually searching for performers and bands. Find this out beforehand so you know where you stand with your wedding entertainment hire.

Is there a sound limiter at the venue?

Sound limiters are becoming increasingly common at venues up and down the UK. Noise restrictions can exist at a venue for a variety of reasons. Sometimes this can be down to the location of the venue and neighbouring residents.

Not only can a sound limiter at a wedding venue affect the type of performer you can book, it can also have a huge impact on the atmosphere of any live music performed at the venue. This is especially true for rock and pop style wedding bands or any band that uses a live drum kit. Sound limiters and drum kits do not play well together.

Make sure you ask if there is a limiter at the wedding venue and also ask what the limit is set at! This is usually in a ‘db’ figure and will help you recognise which wedding entertainers will work best at the venue.

Can you recommend any bands or singers?

Want to make sure that your chosen wedding band or singer is going to rock your wedding party? One of the best ways to get a proven band for your wedding day is to ask your venue if they can recommend anyone.

Most wedding venues will have some kind of recommended suppliers list for you to look at. Obviously, it’s awesome to have the choice of anyone for your wedding day, but sometimes it can be beneficial to play it safe and book a band or DJ that have worked at that venue before. Ask your wedding venue which entertainers have smashed it in the past and you can book them with confidence!

How much space is there for a band to perform?

If you are considering a wedding band for your wedding entertainment, then it is a good idea to ask questions and to see the performance area for the band. If the venue only has a tiny stage, then you can rule out a 9 piece soul band!

It can be beneficial to get a good idea of the room overall where the band would be performing. This means the stage size, the size of the dance floor, where the exits are and the whole vibe of the party room. Getting this right will mean your band will have a bigger impact and can help the night as a whole.

Is there a curfew at the wedding venue?

This is one of those questions that you don’t want to find out the hard way! Most venues will have some kind of cut off time for when live music or wedding entertainment has to stop. Whether this is 11pm, midnight or the early hours of the morning, this is something you need to know about!

Professional wedding bands and entertainers will be able to work with the times that your venue put in place and arrange their sets accordingly. Don’t suffer any surprises on the night and find out beforehand when it’s time to stop the music!


Blog Post written by Warble Entertainment.

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