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We are not going to start off this article by telling you all how expensive weddings are, you already know that. People who have never even had a sniff at planning a wedding know how expensive they can be. It is this reason why you need to cut costs where you can. There is no need to feel too disheartened by this though as that doesn’t necessarily mean cutting quality. In this article we are going to focus on some food, drink, and accessories that will ensure you have the classy hen party you desire – and, leave you with enough money to focus on the wedding as well.

Food for Hen Party


What is a hen party without some good food? What is a party without one? You may be thinking of all going out for food and as nice as that is it soon starts sending the budget sky-high. Our tip to you with the food is homemade. That is, as much as you can possibly manage to make yourself make it homemade. Now we know that you may not all be Nigellas in the making but that should not stop you. When you have the internet, your combined collection of cookery books, and a host full of experienced mothers on hand you have no excuse.

Our reason for the focus on homemade is that you can create a buffet for a small price and to the highest quality if you put some hours into making things from scratch. The difference will be instantly recognisable and it will be hours and effort stretched rather than purse-strings. There are a host of different foods you can prepare the day before as well so it needn’t be all crammed into one day.

Sandwiches made with homemade mayonnaise and freshly cooked ingredients; a selection of vol-au- vents that you have made the fillings for and baked yourself; a tray of appetizers made using cocktail sticks and fresh (but reasonable) ingredients. It doesn’t have to cost a bomb, it just has to set-off your tastebuds. The girls will recognise the effort you have been to and you don’t even have to worry about splitting the bill!

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Okay, maybe you can have a hen party without food if you eat beforehand, but one without alcohol? That may actually be illegal. Now we imagine most of you have got a chosen hired venue or night-spot but having a few drinks together before you go out will reduce the cost you spend when out. We are sure most of you are used to pre-drinking but if you again make a bit of an effort with what you serve then you will have the same results as with the food.

The biggest tip for some classy beverages is to bulk buy some fresh ingredients such as lemons, limes, and mint, and then go down the cocktail route! Pick one or two favourites and just make them on mass – every girl loves a good cosmopolitan and when you buy in bulk you will save.

As it is a hen party and so a special occasion you may also be craving some bubbles! Whatever you do, don’t go French! We know it’s lovely and Champagne speaks of a special occasion, but as long as you have flutes some good quality Cava or Prosecco goes down just as well for more than half the cost.


Now that you have been feasting on some lovely homemade food and sipping freshly made cocktails the atmosphere really starts to pick up. It may even be close to the time to go out so you want to start thinking of some novelties to really liven things up. Now, assuming we do want to keep things in line with our reasonable and sophisticated soiree then let’s keep things fairly sensible (as they can be).

What about some hen party sashes? They make some really quality ones these days and you will all look great in your matching banners! Or what some tiaras and angel wings? The range available to you today means you can look elegant and fancy dressed without looking tacky – this is great news. If even wearing that seems like too much what about giving each of your girls a hen party rosette? These are a lot more discreet but still in keeping with the hen party spirit; plus, you get a bit of that equestrian glamour for peanuts! The range of hen party accessories available will suit any kind of celebrations.

These are of course just a few little suggestions to make your hen party sophisticated without being extortionate. Remember, it’s the effort and memories made that will really add the value.

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This article was written by Luke Mulligan of Henstuff.co.uk. Our range of accessories and hen party ideas will ensure everybody finds their perfect night.

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