Get In Shape: 4 Fun Ways To Get Fit For Your Big Day

Many of us like to get into shape before our big day, but such a process can be stressful and fraught with problems. Getting fit can, and should – where possible – be a fun process you can do together as a couple. In this post, we’ll provide some examples of exciting and entertaining ways you can get fit with your spouse-to-be.

Racquet sports: for competitive couples

If you’re constantly vying for victory in various forms of friendly competition with your partner, why not turn this into an opportunity for exercise? Racquet sports such as squash, tennis, badminton and even table tennis can be excellent opportunities for vital aerobic exercise alongside developing improvements in hand-eye coordination.

A few matches at the tennis club will burn a lot of calories, just make sure your competition is friendly and your matches aren’t too hotly contested – you don’t want to go all John McEnroe on your significant other after a contentious call!

Running: great for goal-setting

Running is a great way to achieve goals together – as you’ll be able to motivate each other through difficult moments in a lengthy jog. Going one step further and signing up as a couple to a 10k or half-marathon might seem like a big commitment, but give yourself plenty of time and train smartly, and you’ll be able to point to a big achievement that you completed together – even before your wedding day.

Even without a race to train for, going for a jog can be the ideal way to de-stress after a long day planning the intricacies of your wedding – so it’s well worth considering even just for that purpose!

HIIT: feel the burn

If you’d like to look trim in your suit or svelte in your wedding dress, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) might be for you. Typically conducted in gym classes, this type of workout aims to burn calories quickly – and after a few of these sessions over a period of a few months, you’ll certainly feel the benefit.

While not necessarily fun, HIIT workouts get results when combined with a high-protein, low-fat diet – and the endorphin rush after such a session is certainly worth it.

Cycling: explore together

Despite being on the more gentle end of the exercise spectrum, cycling tones and burns calories all the same. Set aside a weekend to explore your local area by bike – websites such as Sustrans have a good selection of routes suitable for all abilities, no matter where you are in the UK. Be sure to have all the correct cycling equipment before you set off, from spare inner tubes to Co2 canisters and beyond.

After all, there’s nothing worse than being stuck miles from home with a broken bike, so make sure it doesn’t happen and you’ll have yourself a new hobby to do together where you’ll see some beautiful countryside and burn calories at the same time.

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So, whatever the type of exercise you opt for, make sure you’re both enjoying it and you’re both getting fit for the big day. Remember: a workout fraught with worry about fitting into a dress or suit won’t be fun, so try to put those kinds of goals to one side while exercising with your spouse-to-be.


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Alex Jones is a features writer for Start Fitness – providers of running, cycling, gym, football and outdoor products


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