A Quick Guide to Planning Your Dream Wedding on Short Notice

Planning your dream wedding is a monumental task that many couples spend months or even years meticulously organising. However, life is unpredictable and sometimes circumstances arise that require you to plan a wedding on short notice. While it may seem daunting at first but with the right strategy and a touch of creativity you can still create the wedding of your dreams even with limited time. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to plan a wedding on short notice without compromising on the magic of the day.

Embrace the Spontaneity

Planning your dream wedding on short notice might not be what you had in mind, but it’s an opportunity to infuse your special day with a dash of unpredictability and excitement. Embrace the journey and remember that the most magical moments often happen when you least expect them.

Flexibility is Key – Even on the Date!

You might have envisioned a summer soiree or a cosy winter wonderland but when time is of the essence, flexibility is your new best friend. Consider weekdays or off-peak seasons for more availability and potentially better deals on venues and vendors. Who says you can’t have a Wednesday wedding? It’s your day, after all!

Prioritise Your Non-Negotiables

Before you dive into the planning madness sit down with your better half and figure out your non-negotiables. What elements of your dream wedding are absolute must-haves, whether it’s a particular venue, a specific photographer or Grandma’s famous apple pie. Identifying these priorities will help you focus your energy where it matters most. You will likely have less choice on availability of venues and suppliers.

Electronic Invites for the Win

Paper invitations are so last century! Save time, trees and your sanity by sending out electronic invites. There are tons of online platforms that let you design and send chic digital invitations in a heartbeat. Your guests will appreciate the tech-savvy touch and you’ll appreciate the extra time saved.

Keep the Guest List Intimate

With a short timeline, it’s wise to shorten the guest list. Keep it intimate and invite those who truly matter. Close family and friends will appreciate the spontaneity of your celebration and you’ll get to spend quality time with those you love most. 

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

You’re not a superhero and neither is your partner. Delegate tasks to your squad! Whether it’s your sister’s knack for decorations, your best friend’s knack for spreadsheets or your mom’s knack for keeping everyone in check, let your loved ones be your wedding planning Avengers. Teamwork will make the dream work.

All-Inclusive Venues – Your Time-Saving Heroes

While you might not have the luxury of scouting every barn and beachside venue in the country, consider all-inclusive venues. These gems often come with packages that include catering, decorations and most importantly a helping hand in coordinating the chaos. Less coordination stress means more time for you to soak in the love.

Fashion Flash – Ready-Made Attire

Finding the perfect dress or suit is usually a saga, but not today! Hit up bridal shops or department stores for ready-made attire that suits your style. If you’re feeling bold, explore online options with expedited shipping. Just leave a little time for alterations as you want to look and feel your absolute best for your special day.

Simplify the Decor – Less is More

Decorations can be a time sink but they don’t have to be. Keep it simple yet stunning with candles, fairy lights, and fresh flowers. Opt for a cohesive colour scheme that ties everything together effortlessly. Remember less is more especially when time is of the essence.

Be Open to Alternatives

Last but not least, be ready to roll with the punches. Things might not go exactly as planned, and that’s okay! Be open to alternatives and embrace the unexpected. Maybe the florist doesn’t have your favourite blooms or the DJ can’t play that one song – it’s all part of the adventure. The most important thing is that you’re marrying your special one and that’s what truly matters.

Planning a wedding on short notice may seem like a whirlwind but it’s your whirlwind. Embrace spontaneity and focus on what truly matters. Enjoy every moment with a flexible mindset, a supportive crew and with a sprinkle of creativity, you will pull off the wedding of your dreams – no stress required. For more valuable tips and wedding ideas, check out the more blogs on our website!

Medhavi Upadhyaya
WeddingDates Contributors
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