Restorative Wellness Treatments to do with Your Partner

COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives, especially those planned to have a wedding or go on a honeymoon. You may have adjusted your plans or canceled them altogether, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your partner.

Instead of waiting for businesses to reopen, look for things to do at home with your significant other. After you’ve spent time dreaming about how you’ll replan your wedding or where your future honeymoon might be, it’s time to relax with a few wellness treatments anyone can do from home.

Check out these restorative wellness treatments to do with your partner during your next evening together. They’ll help you feel and look your best while you both figure out a new normal during this pandemic.

1. Massage Your Scalp

Many spas offer scalp massages as part of their treatment packages because they’re relaxing. You can easily do this at home for your partner or ask them to do it for you. As they apply pressure in small, circular motions, you’ll experience headache symptom relief that generally forms behind your eyes during times of stress.

2. Wear Face Masks

The next time you place a grocery order or pick up necessities from the store, get a pair of face masks — the beauty treatment kind, that is. They’ll hydrate and nourish your skin during your next spa treatment. Most spa packages do the same thing, but face masks are more affordable and available to try at home.

3. Practice Aromatherapy and Breathing

Diffuse essential oils in your living room for your next wellness treatment with your partner. Depending on which oil you choose, you could relieve body aches and fatigue, especially if you practice deep breathing as well. Deep breathing techniques lower your blood pressure and help symptoms of IBS and depression. Combine these two treatments for multifaceted wellness care.

4. Reverse Signs of Aging

Are you worried about your skin aging? Symptoms can become more apparent during times of high stress, resulting in skin discoloration or sagginess even in young people. Try a wellness technique like implementing a daily skincare routine that cleanses and hydrates for long-lasting elasticity.

If you notice extreme signs of aging, talk with a dermatologist about potential medical treatments that may be right for you. They might recommend laser treatment or dermal fillers after their clinic reopens, depending on your concerns and health history.

5. Exfoliate Dry Skin

Dry skin is a big focus in traditional spa treatments. Nearly everyone struggles with it, but you and your partner can take care of it at home. Find a soft brush with bamboo, boar or other soft bristles to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. You’ll end your treatment with a natural glow because you have a top layer of healthy skin. Finish with moisturizing lotion for lasting effects.

Talk With Your Partner

There are many restorative wellness treatments to choose from, so talk with your partner to see what they’d like to try first. Have fun experimenting with proven remedies like hydrating skin care and face masks. You’ll both feel refreshed and restored, which is something everyone deserves during a time filled with tension and stress.

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