How to Write Your Own Wedding Hashtags

Do you want to see all pictures from your wedding? Come up with your own wedding hashtags and encourage your guests to use them.

The mantra of the Instagram era goes like this, “Pics or it didn’t happen.” So the more photos your guests will publish using your hashtags, the more “evidence” of your wedding you will collect on social media.

Is it challenging for you to choose creative wedding hashtags? Here are a few useful tips for you.

Use your names

The first approach to writing wedding hashtags is all about using your names, surnames, or parts of both. Let’s say the bride’s name is Emilia Watson, and the groom’s name is David Nelson. Here is a list of basic hashtags the couple can use:

  • #NelsonsWedding2020
  • #DavidTheGroom & #EmieTheBride
  • #HappyNelsons
  • #MeetTheNelsons
  • #EmiliaPlusDavid
  • #MrAndMrsNelson
  • #EmiAndDavidHappyTogether
  • #EmiAndDavInLove
  • #EmWedsDavid
  • #NelsonsLoveStory
  • #CongratsToNelsons

Let your imagination run wild

Are you a creative person? Don’t stick to standard hashtag templates. Use your creative skills and imagination and find words that are the most relevant to your love story. Here are a few examples that may inspire you:

  • #TheLoveBornInBali – This hashtag was used by a couple who met each other in Bali.
  • #AmandasCupOfJoey – To create this hashtag, a couple used a little wordplay. They tweak a famous idiom “cup of joe” by using the groom’s name “Joey.”
  • #WhenBarryMetHalley – This wedding hashtag sounds almost like the name of the famous movie When Harry Met Sally.

Keep your hashtag short

Let’s face it. If you come up with a hashtag that consists of more than five words, it’s highly unlikely that your guests will use it.

After a couple of glasses of champagne, your friends and family will lose concentration. They will be incapable of memorizing hard-to-pronounce and difficult-to-type hashtags.

So please, stay away from sophisticated phrases like #HappyWeddingDayOfEmiliaAndDavid. Keep your hashtags short and simple.

Choose proper formatting

After choosing the words for your wedding hashtag, you should find the right way to put them all together. Here are a few important rules to follow:

  • Don’t use the symbol underscore “_.” It will get your hashtags hard-to-remember.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word to make your hashtag readable.
  • Avoid easy misspellings. For instance, if you write #EmiliaPlusStewart, some of the guests might misspell the hashtag because of double S. You can fix this issue by swapping up the words #StewartPlusEmilia.

Use a wedding hashtag generator

If you need some inspiration, try to find it using a tool called a wedding hashtag generator. All you need to do is to type in the box the following information: your and your fiancé’s full names, nicknames (if you have ones), and the date of your wedding. The system will do the rest and offer you with 60+ hashtag options.

Get professional writing help

Are you feeling stuck and can’t come up with hashtag ideas? Don’t panic! There are many professionals out there who can help you to solve this issue.

You can use one of the best writing services or reach out to the company that provides help with personal statement and similar services. Creative writers will provide you with a bunch of relevant hashtag options, and you will choose the perfect one.

Get assistance from your followers

Are you a social media influencer? Do you have more than 5,000 followers? The chances are some of your followers are more creative than you. If you ask them to do you a favour, they will be more likely to agree to brainstorm hashtag ideas for you. In such a way, you will choose wedding hashtags faster and will have more time to relax before the wedding and put your mind at rest.

When in doubt, ask the opinion of your close friends

Have you come up with a few brilliant hashtag ideas and struggle to choose one? Talk to your friends. Share your ideas and let them help you to pick the best option.

Remember that you are not alone in this world. You can always count on your parents and best friends. They can help you to solve the “hashtag issue” in a minute.

Wrapping it up

If you can’t make a creative hashtag today, don’t force yourself. The perfect hashtag can come to your mind anytime: when you are taking a shower, cooking dinner for your fiancé, or planning a photoshoot with your bridesmaids. So take your time to enjoy your wedding preparation. Sooner or later, you will find a great idea for your “big day” hashtag.


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