10 Essential Tips to Conquer Pre-Wedding Stress

There’s no getting away from the possibility that you may feel stressed before your wedding. It is the big day after all. For those who have a control freak streak, the idea of leaving anything in someone else’s hands is enough to bring you out in a cold sweat.

Your wedding day is a special day and it’s only natural that you want everything to be absolutely perfect. But with that comes the fact that you are probably mounting more and more pressure on yourself. Fortunately, there are some ways that can help you to reduce the amount of pre-wedding stress that you might be feeling.

Here are 10 of the best ways to conquer pre-wedding stress, and hopefully even allow yourself to enjoy the last few days before tying the knot.

1.      Choose your Venue Carefully

One of the most important decisions that you will make about your wedding is where you’re going to have it. Do you want a traditional church wedding? Or a wild beach wedding? A Cotswold manor house or stately home? Do you want to have the reception in the same place as the actual wedding?

You can save yourself a lot of stress by choosing a venue that is geared up towards hosting a wedding, while knowing that you can also add final touches to make your wedding unique and personal. Some venues can offer wedding planner services, help you to organise the food, make entertainment suggestions and even reduce stresses like having to find a PA system.

2.      Small Wedding

Although there is still a couple of things to organise, a small and intimate wedding with close friends and family around you can be in many ways, the best approach to celebrate the beginning of your future. You can spend more of your budget on each guest if you wish and make the day really special.

3.      Planning

Try to plan everything as much as you can in advance and not leave anything by chance. With good planning, you can spread the work out over more time. Try and get a bit of relaxation time in there too as this will be important to combat stress. Even if it is just going for a swim, having a coffee with your friends or a date night with your fiancé.

4.      Delegate

Many of us find it difficult to delegate even at work, but delegating some aspects of your wedding day will be crucial to alleviating feelings of stress. You can delegate some tasks like making place cards or running errands to friends and family who will almost certainly be itching to help.

Don’t forget that it is your fiancé’s wedding day as well – get them involved if they’re not already!

5.      Eat and Sleep Well

Making sure that you are physically and mentally well is extremely important in the days leading up to the big day. Make sure that you are eating healthily as well as getting some exercise, and, most importantly, that you get enough sleep

6.      Write Lists

When you have a plethora of things to do, and it feels like you haven’t even made a dent, many people find it useful to make lists by which you can then tick off tasks as they get done. This not only helps you to put everything out of your head and onto paper but also gives you the satisfaction of crossing it out when completed.

7.      Time

Leave yourself enough time to organise everything. While it might be tempting to get married immediately after the proposal, by having enough time to decide what you really want, you won’t feel like you’re being rushed into making high-pressure, stress-boosting decisions.

8.      Fun

Let’s face it, a wedding is supposed to be fun, so try not to take things too seriously. Leave room for some aspects to not go according to plan, but try to see this as an opportunity. The more you can relax into the planning and organisation of the wedding, the more you’ll enjoy it – and that’s what it’s all supposed to be about.

9.      Take Days Off

Planning your wedding may at times, feel like a full time job and taking a couple of personal days off is no crime. Make sure you spend these days relaxing, being kind to yourself and reconnecting with friends and family.

10.  Remember What’s Important

At the end of everything, your wedding is a happy occasion with love at the heart of it; an opportunity for you and your fiancé to celebrate the beginning of your life together. Use these tips to lower your pre-wedding stress levels long before the big day, so you can keep yourself healthier and happier.



Photo by Frank Zhang on Unsplash

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