7 Must-Follow Fashion Rules For Wedding Guests

Weddings are one of the most joyful events, and attending one often requires one to dress appropriately, which many people do, with a lot of enthusiasm. It’s not uncommon for wedding guests to get their hair and makeup done specially for the event, while some go even further that they buy new clothes and shoes for the occasion. If you have a wedding to attend in the near future, here are some must-follow fashion rules that can help you pick the right outfit.

1. Don’t Wear White

White and its variations (champagne, ivory) are usually reserved for the bride. You don’t want to be mistaken for a bride, or to draw attention to yourself. There are many colours to choose from, so it’s best to play it safe and pick something else. After all, you don’t want to be remembered as a person who wore a white dress to someone else’s wedding. Even if the bride says that it’s okay to wear white, you should stay away from it. Therefore, choose any other colour apart from white, and you’ll be good to go.

2. Follow the Dress Code

Some couples prefer a themed wedding, while others just want a certain dress code to give their reception a distinct flair. Even if you don’t feel like it, keep in mind that it’s somebody else’s special day and that they have all the right to do anything they please. Yes, maybe wearing an all-black isn’t your thing, but you can wear it for that specific occasion, and then never again. Being respectful and following the dress code (if there is one, of course) will help you feel more relaxed, especially if you’re among the people you don’t know that well.

3. Never Sacrifice your Comfort

Attending a wedding often means staying until late and dancing a lot, so if you’re someone who loves having fun, then it’s recommended to pick clothes and footwear that are practical and elegant at the same time. If you love wearing heels, then you should opt for chunky ones or platforms that will give you more comfort and support. Additionally, when picking various clothes, it’s important to find cuts that compliment your figure, but also that will let you dance and sit without feeling uncomfortable throughout the evening.

4. When in Doubt, Accessorize

It is well-known that carefully-chosen accessories can transform even the most boring outfit. So, if you’re planning to spice up your outfit, then you should definitely opt for a necklace or a pair of earrings that go well with it. Still, it’s important to match jewelery to your outfit especially if you’re wearing pieces with precious stones such as rubies or emeralds. Also, make sure to wear only one or maximum two statement pieces, because otherwise, you risk end up looking tacky. Keep in mind that weddings should be all about the bride and groom, so anything you do should be slightly understated at best.

5. Don’t Wear the Same Colours as Bridesmaids

There’s nothing more awkward than choosing a slightly different, but same-coloured dress as a group of bridesmaids because that automatically makes you look like a third-wheel to them. It might sound cruel, but it’s true. If you’re close to the bride, make sure to ask her before the wedding, so you won’t end up choosing the same colour. If you know one of the bridesmaids, feel free to ask her directly, and if you don’t know anyone, then you definitely won’t make a mistake by choosing a little black dress.

6. Never Try To Upstage The Bride

Trying to upstage the bride is the worst thing you can do when attending a wedding. Aside from being rude, it will also make you look desperate for attention. As we mentioned before, wearing white to a wedding is a big no, so anything you do, make sure to keep your looks understated and elegant. That includes wearing clothes that are too skimpy or too eye-catching. Even if you’re someone who loves distinct and unusual fashion choices, remember that a wedding should be all about the bride and her dress.

7. Avoid Casual Clothes

Some people are simply born to wear jeans, tracksuits, and hoodies, but if you’re going to a wedding, then you shouldn’t wear anything deemed casual. It’s respectful to make an effort because if you were the one getting married, you’d probably expect your guests to do the same. So, if you really like casual wear, then at least try to find the most appropriate replacement for your beloved pieces, so instead of jeans, you can wear other trousers, matched with your favourite shirt and elegant shoes.

In conclusion, if you’re going to a wedding, it’s essential to look classy, tasteful and to follow the dress code. You should never try to compete with a bride or bridesmaids, and keep in mind that wearing classic pieces such as an elegant maxi dress or a suit are sure ways to look great at any wedding party.

Stella Green Thompson

Graphic Designer & Lifestyle Blogger

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