Just Like The Movies: Chick Flicks About Gal Pals

Just Like The Movies: Chick Flicks About Gal Pals

As much as we love a good chick flick, nowadays, it’s seems like a lot of girlie movies are either about fashion or female competition (Anne Hathaway, we’re looking at you). We don’t know if it’s just us, be we definitely have a yearning for flicks about ladies finding friendship and taking on the modern world (okay, the modern world of the late 80s and 90s). Here are a few chick flicks about gal pals we just can’t resist (perfect for a sleepover with your bridesmaids).

Just Like The Movies: Chick Flicks About Gal Pals

Sister Act 2

We love Sister Act, but for some reason, Sister Act 2 has always been a fond fave of ours. Maybe it’s cos Whoopi Goldberg’s character really hits her stride, it’s got Lauren Hill or because we just love that girl who was also in Hocus Pocus, but this is pure chick flick gold. Doloris (Whoopi) can really rely on her sisters in this movie and they always come through for her in the end (pardon the pun).

Just Like The Movies: Chick Flicks About Gal Pals

The First Wives Club

This movie is one of the most hilarious and re-watchable flicks ever! These ladies restore their friendships and learn to take on life on their own terms (you go girl!). A great movie about self-worth and esteem but still manages to be funny. It’s also nice to see a movie about friends where ladies don’t fight over a wedding dress or shoes (again, Anne Hathaway, seriously!). Plus, it’s got our favourite Sex and the City gal Sarah Jessica Parker and the dad from Seventh Heaven. Score!

Just Like The Movies: Chick Flicks About Gal Pals

Working Girl

Ahhh… The woman’s movie that started it all. Melanie Griffith is Tess McGill, a stockbroker’s secretary who wants to become an executive. She decides not to sleep her way to the top and eventually defines her own career ladder. She gets out of a bad relationship and finds a new man (but doesn’t go after him until she’s achieved her career goal). Plus, it’s got Joan Cusack, Kevin Spacey and some delightful 80s hair dos!

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