Bridesmaid Proposals: 10 Creative & Unique Ways to Pop The Question!

As National Bridesmaid’s Day approaches on March 25th, it’s the perfect time to show gratitude for your bestie-turned-bridesmaid-to-be. But if you haven’t yet popped the question, then never fear! There’s loads of fantastic ways to ask your main gal to stand by your side. We’ve teamed up with our pals at Fizzbox to bring you Bridesmaid Proposals and 10 creative & unique ways to pop the question! Deep breath, of course she’s going to say yes! 


Proposal Box

Give your lovely friend a massive surprise with a bridesmaid proposal box! This special gift is a really thoughtful way to ask your best friend the big question and could include all kinds of goodies and treats such as chocolates, sweets, Prosecco, face masks and of course, the most important part – a handwritten invitation to become a bridesmaid. Let her know how grateful you are for her friendship and why you want her next to you during your big day! There’s not going to be a dry eye in the house!

Bridesmaid Proposals: 10 Creative & Unique Ways to Pop The Question!

Handmade Proposal Card 

We know how expensive weddings can be and that money can be tight, so remember it’s not all about big, flashy gifts. It could be as simple as a homemade card filled with heartfelt reasons why they’re your best pal followed by your question. We love cute phrases such as “I can’t say I do without you by my side!” or “How could I say I do without you?”. At times like this, it really is those little things that truly matter. 

Super Special Delivery 

Everyone loves a special delivery right? So why not arrange to treat your bridesmaid and make their day? Arrange for a surprise of flowers or their favourite treat to be delivered to their doorstep along with a note asking them to be your bridesmaid – this is going to be a moment that’s treasured forever – maybe include some tissues too in the delivery! 

Bridesmaid Proposals: 10 Creative & Unique Ways to Pop The Question!

Scavenger Hunt

Now this is a really fun and super creative way to ask that big question! Organise a fun scavenger hunt with clues leading to a final destination where you’ll be waiting with a “Will you be my bridesmaid?” sign – a bar or restaurant is always a great shout for the end point! This idea works best if you have a small group of friends you’re considering for your bridal party. With this activity, they’ll be able to team up, work together and solve the clues you text them along the way, making for an unforgettable and joy-filled experience! 

Virtual Proposal 

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in the same town or city as our closest pals, so arranging an in-person meet up for your bridesmaid proposal isn’t always possible. However, say hello to the virtual bridesmaid proposal – an ingenious solution that’s ideal for bridging the gap. Whether it’s on Facetime, WhatsApp or on Zoom, this method will allow you to be present in the moment, no matter the distance between you. In addition, you’ll get to witness the joy on their face firsthand as you ask them the burning question. This is one way to bring yourselves closer together, even when you’re miles apart! 

Bridesmaid Proposals: 10 Creative & Unique Ways to Pop The Question!

Memory Box

Whip up a memory box filled with fabulous handwritten memories, photographs, mementos, and inside jokes that the two of you have shared during your friendship together. In the bottom of the box, you could add a note in an envelope saying ‘open me’, allowing you to pop the question once they’ve looked through all those incredible memories. 

Surprise Party

You just can’t beat a surprise party! Why not throw a small gathering or dinner party just for your selected bridesmaids or bridesmaid, where you’ll be able to unveil the grand reveal during a toast? This will be a lovely way to ask and celebrate – just make sure you’ve got a couple bottles of Prosecco on chill ready to go!

Bridesmaid Proposals: 10 Creative & Unique Ways to Pop The Question!

Puzzle Proposal

If your closest pal is a big lover of problem solving and puzzles, then why not design a custom puzzle for her that features a photo of the pair of you, along with text that reads ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?”. Once they’ve completed the puzzle, the surprise will be out and you’ll both be able to celebrate. We know this one’s a little extra, but totally quirky if you’re after a unique bridesmaid proposal! 

Balloon Reveal

This one’s really good fun! You’ll need to blow up a variety of balloons, but make sure you put confetti and a little handwritten note in one of them asking your bestie to be your bridesmaid. She’ll have to pop them in order to reveal your surprise! If you’re planning on having a few bridesmaids, then you’ll need to clearly label your balloons with each person’s initials, so that they can pop them at the same time to discover your question. 

Bridesmaid Proposals: 10 Creative & Unique Ways to Pop The Question!

Fortune Cookie

A personalised fortune cookie is one of the cutest ways to propose to your future bridesmaid, possibly ever. After all, who can resist a delicious fortune cookie? We all love to see what those little bits of paper inside say, but this fortune will be extra special, because it’s going to create a historical day in your friendship! 

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