Sustainable Beauty Secrets for Brides with an Environmental Side

It goes without saying that every bride wants to look her very best on her wedding day. Hair, makeup, the dress – everything needs to be perfect. However, for the eco-conscious bride-to-be, it might be that you want to focus on something a little more sustainable on your wedding day – and this is where this post comes in.

There’s a huge variety of little things brides and wedding planners can do to make sure the beauty and style side of things remains responsible to the environment – all without compromising on a striking wedding look.

Swap disposables for replenishables

Disposable makeup wipes are incredibly bad for the environment, as they take roughly five hundred years to decompose in the ocean – and while they do that, they release plastic microfibers that can have a disastrous effect on the sea life food chain. You could invest vast sums of money into eco-friendly makeup options only to take it all off at the end of your big day with a wipe that harms the environment for centuries to come.

Fear not, because product swaps can be done quickly and easily on this front. Bamboo fibre wipes are biodegradable and function just the same if you still desire the convenience of a disposable wipe, while organic cotton cloths can be used multiple times instead of just once. So, with a little attention to what you’re popping into your basket, you can move one step closer to an eco-conscious wedding day.

Stock up on double-duty products

That pre-wedding skincare routine can involve investing in a variety of products with different functions as you aim to achieve a stunning glow by the time the day comes around. While this may get results, you might end up with several single-use products clogging up your bathroom cabinet – and this means a lot of needless plastic pots.

A solution to this quandary is for you to find some products that have more than one use in your skincare routine. Investing in a multi-purpose moisturiser formed from natural ingredients such as rosehip oil is a good start – as moisturising is a good base for other beauty products to work off.

A charcoal facial cleanser is another skincare option that can replace the bevvy of facial scrubs on the market. Its beautifully simple function as an exfoliant and gentle face wash will fill in for many of the plastic-packaged mainstream options that may work in the short term but come at an environmental cost.

Embrace natural oils

It’s an unfortunate fact that many modern and best-selling perfumes contain ingredients that aren’t the best for the environment. Finding perfumes that minimise their impact on the environment by not using animal-based ingredients (or testing on them, for that matter) is a guaranteed step towards an eco-friendly wedding.

You might find a new signature scent for your special day by switching to a perfume based off essential oils – and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’ve opted for the more natural option while still enjoying a scent that will always remind you of your special day.

Another savvy swap like using nail and cuticle oil based on natural ingredients will keep toxic additives to an absolute minimum in your wedding beauty selection, while ensuring your hands are given the royal treatment they deserve.

Photo by Marisa Morton on Unsplash

Whatever the theme or scale of your wedding, you’ll rest easy knowing your beauty regime is in harmony with the environment when you adhere to these tips. Of course, a splash of your own imagination is always useful, so don’t be shy to try your own eco twists on things before your big day!


About the Author:

Paul Richards is a long-time botanist and founder of Herbfarmacy – an online retailer selling organic skin care and beauty products for all skin types that are packed with herbs grown on their farm in Herefordshire.


Feature Photo by Annie Gray on Unsplash

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