Festival in the Forest: Camille + Glenn

This pair took DIY to the next level!

Camille and Glenn, ever the fun-loving couple, opted for a festival themed wedding day with a whimsical, relaxed atmosphere. You’ll be seriously impressed by the brides DIY skills! As a former florist, Camille handmade their ceremony arch herself from silk flowers! Complete with a gorgeous marquee tent and elements taken from their own home, the bride and groom created the perfect setting for their dream day from start to finish.

Take a peek at their beautiful outdoor celebrations and sunset photos that will have you dreaming of an open-air summer celebration…

The Beginning

“We met online… not on Tinder! Camille’s profile picture included a dinosaur, which ended up being one of the themes in our wedding. Glenn loved how different it was and started chatting about difficulties and impracticalities of pooper and scoopering after such a large pet. Camille thought it was a gutsy move to talk about…poo … so soon, so after many hours chatting and joking we went for a coffee date at a local café. The coffee date turned into lunch and would have turned into dinner if we both didn’t have other obligations.” 

The Proposal

“We went for a bushwalk in our favourite spot and while I was distracted by baby birds, he started rustling loudly in his pocket for something. I turned around and said in an annoyed voice “What have you got in your pocket?”. He grinned and pulled a ring out of a plastic bag, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.”

The Dress

“I didn’t want to try the gown on, and my bridesmaids made me. I then didn’t want to ever take it off!”

The Love

Camille described her first impression of Glenn as though she was meeting a “Steve Irwin” like character and struggled to believe anyone could be that nice. Camille said she loves how kind hearted and helpful Glennis. She is so appreciative of their relationship and admires how passionate Glenn is of his career and family. She says, “he has helped me to be braver than I ever thought I could be”.

Glen said that he loves that everyday with Camille is an adventure. He admires that their personalities are so complimentary and enjoys seeing Camille live life in the moment. He says, “she makes me feel alive”!

Relationship Advice

“We support each other through the hard times and make time for fun.”

The Theme

“A colorful festival feel, nice and relaxed but with lots of fun.”

Memorable Moments

“Coming back from taking photos, the sun had just gone down and as we were approaching the reception listening to the sounds of our guests laughing and talking. At this moment we were surrounded by fireflies and had an amazing moment together revelling in the magic of our wedding day.”

DIY Elements

“So many! We poured our own creativity into every detail to produce a colorful, whimsical, festival feel wedding. We didn’t do a seated dinner, we took our couches (in fact most of our furniture) as well as some others and used elements we had found or created in the months before. The bride (a former florist did her own bouquet and helped the bridesmaids create their own. The bride made the wedding archway with silk flowers ahead of time.”

Bridal Advice

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s easy to get carried away and decide you really need this or that but on the day all that matters is the love you share with your partner.”  

Special Thoughts

“We have so many special memories from our wedding. It was a day filled with emotions and laughter. A truly magical day.”


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