Hen Party Headdress: How To

Hen Party Headdress: How To

Notting Hill Carnival has just passed, which means everyone at Polestars are currently obsessed with sequins, glitter and are keen to grab any opportunity to utilise the office’s crafting wire and hot glue gun. Whilst it’s tempting to skip around in a garish outfit every weekend, we thought we’d share our DIY Guide  to make a statement headpiece to really steal the show at your hen party or wedding.

We think feathered hen party headdresses are perfect for flamboyant hen weekends, whereas floral headbands are best saved for boho weddings. If you’d like all of your friends to get involved in the crafting then be sure to check out our Fascinator Making hen party.

Hen Party Headdresses: How to

Hen party plumage

Carnival inspired colours are always appropriate when it comes to your last night of freedom. You will need:

  • 8 long laces (faux suede or leather)
  • Large feathers (faux or found)
  • Clear nylon thread
  • Large beads
  • Needle

Measure the laces to a length which is slightly longer than the circumference of your head. Tie all of the laces in a knot at one end and weave them all into a plaited strap. The more laces you use, the more secure the feathers will be, and do remember to arrange them so the colours complement each other. Tie off the end of your strap with a secure knot and then wrap the knot with the end of two of the laces (entwine over the knot to cover it.)
Now arrange the feathers in any pattern you like before carefully weaving them through the laces at the back of your band. Once they’re tightly secured why not decorate the front with ornamental buttons and beads? Simply stitch them on, always ensuring the knots are tied at the back. Now you’re ready to peacock around the party with your new plumage!

Hen Party Headdresses: How to

Festival florals for boho wedding bands

Measure a piece of stem wire, or floral design wire to fit around your head, or you can create miniature ones to fit around a bun or ponytail. Coiled wire always works better for hair garlands as it naturally takes a circular shape. Make a hook and eye at the ends of the wire and bind with stem wrap or floral tape.
Once secured you will need to neatly fasten the all the flowers and leaves together using your wire and tape; tightly coil the wire around the stems of the flowers to do this. We recommend Hobby Craft for well-priced artificial flowers; Sweet Peas are great for bridesmaids, and Sunflowers and Daisies are easily our favourite choice for flower girls. Once you have taped each flower (with the pre-secured leaves) to the band, be sure to attach lace ribbon streamers to the back for an extra pop of interest.

Floral Headband  Large pink flower Up do  Feathered plumage

This article was written by Polestars, a London based hen party company who have worked nationwide for almost ten years in delivering the best alternative hen activities. Ranging from dance classes to art lessons to chocolate making workshops, Polestars really has something to offer everyone.

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