Mind Over Matter: 7 Ways to Ensure You're Ready for the Big Day

You’re going to remember your wedding day for the rest of your life, so it goes without saying that you’ll want to ensure you’re in the right mindset to properly enjoy your day and make memories to last a lifetime.

In today’s post, you’ll be offered some useful advice on how to make lifestyle changes that will have you at your very best come your special day.

Banish the bad habits

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Whether you’re looking to kick bad habits like smoking by the big day or you’re tired of aimlessly scrolling through your social media accounts, recognising the habits you can’t wait to kick is a great place to start. Don’t give yourself a hard time by trying to go cold turkey, but instead cut back gradually so that you’re moving further away from your bad habits as you creep ever closer to your wedding day, freeing up your time for the things that matter.

The takeaway: Trying to rid several things from your life at once will prove to be a challenge, so pick one thing you’re really keen to banish and start there.


Say goodbye to toxic people

From the moment you announce your engagement, the politics begin around who should be invited to your wedding, who should be part of the day, who pays for what..the list goes on. This is a great time to begin liberating yourself from the people who aren’t your real friends, as it’ll become evident that they don’t have your best interests at heart – and it’ll make the seating plan that much easier!

The takeaway: Your day, and indeed your life, should not be about keeping other people happy at your expense – put yourself first for a change.


Hone in on H2O


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The exact amount of water we’re supposed to drink might still be up for debate, but there’s no denying the fact that, when you up your H2O, you reap the rewards. From alleviating tiredness and headaches to helping your skin achieve a natural glow, there are a number of benefits to staying hydrated – so set yourself small targets to hit every day to ensure you’re drinking enough.

The takeaway: If you don’t enjoy the taste of water, there are a number of low-calorie fruit juices that can be added to your reusable bottle. Alternatively, why not infuse your water with fresh fruit for extra brownie points?


Up your exercise

If you’re not a fan of exercise, finding ways to get active can seem like a chore – but shedding a few pounds really doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym 6 times a week or hiring a personal trainer. If you regularly take the car to the corner shop, commit to walking there more often. Use lunch breaks at work to take a walk outside and make sure you include some outdoor activities in your weekends. With a few small changes, you’ll soon start seeing results.

The takeaway: An extreme exercise regime won’t last – but finding a way to make exercise fun will help you incorporate it into your life long after you say ‘I do’.


Fall in love with cooking


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If you already love spending time in the kitchen, great – simply make a commitment to cook more meals from scratch to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs. If not, try to make cooking a fun activity for you and your other half to embark upon together, perhaps turning it into a fun challenge and scoring each other’s efforts.

The takeaway: Cooking doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think – experiment with a few easy dishes to start with and the ideas will soon start to flow.


Love the skin you’re in

It’s easy to become obsessed with your complexion, worrying that your skin isn’t quite the right shade or that you’re a little hairier or spottier than you’d like to be – but beauty really does filter out from the inside. If you’re used to layering up with fake tan and false eyelashes, try stripping it back and embracing your natural beauty – you might just be pleasantly surprised!

The takeaway: When you’re happy, comfortable and confident in your skin, this will shine through – and there’s no better time than your big day to be basking in a truly natural glow.


Take a timeout

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In the hustle and bustle of the lead up to the big day, it’s all too easy to get lost in the plans and preparation. While there’s undoubtedly lots to consider ahead of your wedding, the build-up should be part of the fun. With this in mind, remember to focus on yourself and take a time out from wedding talk and planning.

The takeaway: Allow yourself a set amount of time each week and commit this to enjoying some ‘you’ time that’s completely unrelated to wedding planning.

So, now you’re armed with our 7 ideas for getting wedding-ready, you can get set to enjoy the day of your dreams!




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