Proposing Overseas? 5 Things to remember before proposing abroad

A proposal is a moment you’ll remember for a lifetime, which is why there’s a lot of pressure to get it right. Many people want to get away from their regular lives to make the most out of this spectacular occasion, heading abroad with their loved one who is totally unaware.

Instead of getting ahead of yourself or succumbing to said pressure, take a moment to sit back and plan – you’ll notice it’s a lot less stressful if you take it one step at a time.

The ring:

One of the most important things about a proposal is the ring. Just because you’re proposing abroad, doesn’t mean the ring isn’t equally as important as it would be at home. Places like Diamonds Factory have a large selection of different designs that you can customise, which allows you to put a personal touch on the final piece of jewellery. Consider your loved one’s personality, profession and preferences when picking the diamond you’ll be popping the question with.

It may be worth getting insurance on the ring before you leave, just in case you should lose it on your travels. Keep it safe and secure on your person at all times – no loose pockets or leaving it rolling around in an unattended suitcase.

The location

There’s plenty to think about when it comes to the location. It doesn’t have to be somewhere you’ve been before, although some people like jetting to somewhere they have made memories together to propose. Whether it’s somewhere new or a place you’ve visited already, just make sure the weather is great and the sun is out on the dates you’re there to avoid a rainy disaster.

Once you’ve booked the trip abroad, think about the spot you’ll be proposing. This will be relatively easy if you’ve been before but will require more research if not. Plan this before you arrive by checking out review websites like Trip Advisor. This way you’ll find out about all of the hot spots before you go rather than trudging along in search of the perfect spot.

The photography

Capture the moment you propose by finding a way of taking photographs. There are stories of photographers capturing their own proposals, which looks great but takes a lot of organisation and planning.

You can contact a professional photographer to hang out around the area, secretly take photos leading up to the big moment and springing out once you propose. This is an additional expense that some people don’t want to pay out for, especially when going abroad. Why not ask people you’ve met on holiday for their help, such as the staff at the front desk of your hotel? This is also a great option when proposing in a restaurant or somewhere that has staff, as they’ll usually be happy to help.

The accommodation

Nobody wants to experience the magic of a proposal, to return to a hotel with a lacklustre atmosphere. Pick somewhere luxurious or, at the very least, private so you can enjoy your time together with little disturbances.

This particular vacation is all about you as a couple, celebrating your lives together. Put more thought into the accommodation than you normally would and check out as many reviews as possible. Noisy neighbours, bad food and crumbling decor after being proposed to on a dazzling beach? No thanks!

The weather

Just because it’s summer in your home town, doesn’t mean it’ll be that way in your chosen location. Always check which season the country will be in and look at the typical temperatures around that time. It’s easy to presume it will always be hot when you go abroad – nobody thinks of rain when they picture Spain. Don’t assume anything when it comes to your proposal and do plenty of planning before you book anything.

Just remember – once you’ve popped the question, it’ll all be worth it!

Amanda Walters
WeddingDates Contributors
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