How to Stage the ‘Ultimate’ Halloween Hen Party

How to Stage the ‘Ultimate’ Halloween Hen Party

You might not want to admit it, but the hen party is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding – so it HAS to be special. If you’ve been tasked with organising one for your best friend, it can always be a smart idea to choose a theme so you have something to stick with all the way through – and to keep in touch with the seasons, one of the most unique ideas to go for is without doubt a Halloween Hen Party, especially if the hen doesn’t mind a shock, a little bit of gore or simply being adventurous.

But how do you actually plan a Halloween hen party and what can make it authentic all the way through? Luckily leading hen organisers are on hand to offer all the help you need, so pick up your notepad and let’s get started!

Things to Do For Your Halloween Hen Party

Thriller Dance Experience: Something we tried out ourselves only a few days ago to get right into the Halloween spirit, I can’t stress how much fun it was. A 2 hour dance class that’ll see you and your girls learning one of the most famous dance routines of all time. Hilarity ensues yet at the end of it you’ll have photos, videos and a group party trick to pull out whenever needed!

Zombie Boot Camp: If the hen really is interested in doing something that comes completely out of left field, then training to stave off a zombie horde and then putting what you have all learnt into practice is about as good as it’s going to get to mark her hen party and Halloween 2013 or 14.

Ghost Walks: In most of the main cities in the UK where you might be staying, it is going to have a haunted past and you’re going to want to have a little tour of the city. Do it while walking the shadows and learning about the ghouls that surround the city. London has a reputation for great ghost walks so choosing the capital could be a smart idea.

How to Stage the ‘Ultimate’ Halloween Hen Party

The Outfits

So what next? Every Halloween hen party group (or every other hen group for that matter) needs a theme and while it’s hard to come up with them, here’s a couple of ideas:

Popstars: Not just any popstars though – we’re talking about the pop stars that have creeped us out in 2013… Who would that be? Well you can’t look past Miley Cyrus – especially at the VMA’s, while another friend could Beetlejuice themselves up and be the slimey ‘Blurred Lines’ star Robin Thicke. Throw in your best Lady Gaga’s and Nicki Minaj and you’re sorted!

Masks: Now I’m not just talking any old mask Halloween mask here, because if your group are looking to stay ‘on trend’ and right up to date with the world of fashion, then a mask might just be the way to go. Fashion house Maison Martin Margiela paraded a whole line of diamond and tile adorned masks on the runway and going back to music, how many times have we seen Justin Bieber don a mask this year? You and the girls could make your own and the best thing about this, is that you can wear your best dresses and simply take the masks off whenever you see fit.

How to Stage the ‘Ultimate’ Halloween Hen Party

A Creepy Cocktail

After all of that, we really need a drink – so how about conjuring up a creepy cocktail to close things out? Well below are 2 of our favourites:

The Black Rum Martini: Nice and simple but very effective to start things off. Use dark rum and a black olive garnish, then rim the glass with eye-catching coarse orange sugar to get all the colours of Halloween in there.

The Brain Cocktail: Sounds horrible – tastes great. Pour in peach schnapps and then top with Irish cream to create a curdling effect that looks eerily like a brain at the top of the glass. Add dashes of blood-red grenadine for the finishing touch. Done.

Now who said you couldn’t have a Halloween Hen Party without any cheesiness or bottle of fake blood in sight?

This post was written by Richard Paul at Hen Heaven, the organisers that have hen party ideas all year round, so to find out more simply click here.

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