Take Some Time to Relax!

Relaxing…while wedding planning? Easier said than done, right?

Well as crazy as it might sound, you still need to take some time for yourself through all the planning madness! You’ll only be hurting yourself in the long run if you don’t take a few moments here and there to destress. Now, we’re not telling you to neglect your wedding planning duties, but you’ll be able to enjoy the whole process of creating your dream day if you take some time to follow these tips to save yourself some stress and just relax!


This may not sound relaxing to some, but taking some time to get active will really do some good. Whether its a walk around the block, getting your sweat in at the gym or taking some deep breaths during a yoga session you’ll not only be taking care of your body but also your mind. This will help to relieve some stress and tension while letting you transfer your focus on something other than wedding details.


Again, take care of your body! We’re all guilty of stress eating from time to time, and a treat here and there is nothing to be ashamed about. But, keep in mind what you’re putting in your body from day to day. Reaching for healthier options will help to keep you focused and clear-headed. A poor diet can really take a toll on your mood and energy levels, and with a wedding to plan, no bride needs that!


Take some time to breathe! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, focusing on your breathing can bring you back to centre and help you refocus. So when your mind starts spinning, it’s more than okay to step back and literally just take a few deep breaths.


Bubble baths, face masks or cosying up with a good book… Do whatever you need to do to practice a little self-care.


There’s nothing that will help you through the stress of planning the big day than time management and prioritising. Hey, maybe even delegating some tasks to a trusted bridesmaid or


Sleep! Yes, easier said than done, but you’ll do more harm than good if you’re not getting enough rest while dealing with the stresses of everyday life on top of your wedding to-do list. Be sure you’re getting at least 7 to 8 hours a night. Sleeping well will do wonders for both your mental and physical health. After all, no one wants to plan a wedding with a head cold or the flu!



Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Ally Vogl

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