Three Types Of Guitar Player That Will Be Perfect For Your Wedding Day

Guitarists are an incredibly popular source of entertainment for all sorts of events, but are particularly sought after for weddings. The real secret is their versatility; no matter what the intricacies of your big day are, you are bound to be able to find a guitarist that’s perfect for you.  

As a solo musician, most guitar players for hire will have an equipment set up that’s flexible, and can be up and running in much less time than a full band (as well as taking up much less space!). This makes them great for events with particularly tight timings, as well as venues that simply don’t have the space to accommodate a larger group. 

If you’re on a tight budget, then hiring a solo musician can also be a cost-effective solution to still having live entertainment at your wedding, without the added expense of having a full live band. 

Don’t forget, if you do have the budget, then there is nothing to stop you hiring more than one musician for your day. For instance, you can always hire a guitarist for your wedding ceremony, as well as that 9-piece soul group that you’ve always wanted for your evening party.

In this blog, we’ll go through some of the most popular types of guitarists to hire for weddings, and where and when you might like to book them for, throughout your big day.

Classical Guitarists 

Classical guitarists have been a traditional source of live music at weddings for decades. Many brides and grooms-to-be love to be serenaded down the aisle to the sound of their favourite classical pieces, to add a very personal touch to what is arguably the most important part of the day. 

Most classical guitarists will have a repertoire that comprises of both the traditional wedding pieces (like Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus”) as well as some popular music, that’s been arranged into a classical style. If your wedding is small and intimate, then a classical guitarist may be able to play acoustically, giving them the ultimate flexibility in movement, perfect for outdoor events. 

Perfect for: Wedding ceremony, drinks reception.

Jazz Guitarists

One of the strange things about weddings is that you often end up in a situation where you have gathered lots of people from various different parts of your life, but they don’t necessarily know each other before hand. As such, putting on some live music can be a brilliant way to contribute to the atmosphere, whilst also acting as an icebreaker and encouraging conversation between guests. Jazz is arguably the perfect style of music to put on in this situation! 

Most jazz guitarists will have some wonderful solo arrangements of traditional jazz standards, such as “All Of Me” “Autumn Leaves” “Fly Me To The Moon” and “Blue Bossa”. Jazz is often the go to music to have on in the background, but there are many different styles and sub-genres. As such, it’s important to thoroughly review any potential act’s promotional material. For instance, some jazz guitarists will opt for an acoustic guitar and a more traditional sound, whereas others may elect to go electric, and play a slightly more modern repertoire. 

Perfect for: Drinks reception, during dinner. 

Rock/ Pop Guitarists

If you’re looking for a musician that will be perfect at virtually any point of your wedding day, then a rock/pop guitar player (that will usually also be a vocalist) will probably be the solution. With a repertoire that’s truly diverse, and often stretches from The Beatles or The Monkees, right the way up to Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, there are very few situations that a rock/pop guitar player won’t fit in with. They can appeal to both old and young, alike. 

If you’re looking for something a little different (or, perhaps, more personal) for your wedding ceremony, then a rock/ pop guitarist can ditch the traditional bridal chorus, and play an acoustic arrangement of virtually any pop song, as long as they are given adequate notice. They can also play a softer mix of tunes that is more appropriate over dinner or drinks. 

However, one of the major assets of a rock/pop guitarist is that they will almost always have a more up beat set of material ready, that is great to hear, sing a long to and even get up and dance! This means that they will also be a great addition to your evening party. Most rock/ pop guitarists will be able to offer a “full package” deal, that can cover all of the points of your day where you might want to have live music. This can also include extras, like a late night DJ playlist and the option to learn and perform your first dance. 

Perfect for: Wedding ceremony, drinks reception, during dinner, evening party. 


From everyone at Last Minute Musicians, we wish you the best of luck with the planning of your big day. Whatever live entertainment you’re looking for, consider visiting, with over 3300 acts to choose from. 

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