Great Gatsby Hen Party

great gatsby hen party

Learn The Charleston, Old Sport.

A Great Gatsby hen party is a fantastically fun way to spend your hen night! ‘’The Jazz Age’’ was epitomised by sprawling private parties and wild, extravagant living, which makes it the perfect theme for a hen party. Fast-flowing alcohol, opulent outfits and exuberant dance moves are the order of the day.

Whilst we’re not condoning affairs, bootlegged alcohol and hit and runs, the glamorous danger and devil-may-care attitude of the 1920’s social elite really attracted us to coordinate one of our most mischievous parties yet!

Why not embrace the chaos of the Roaring Twenties, and learn how to dance the Charleston like a true flapper? Our two hour session roars glamour, corruption and revelry whilst ensuring ladies release their inner Daisy Buchanan. The teacher will break down each section to make it easy and breezy for beginners, think air kisses, high kicks and all the jazz.

We can’t promise a riot of a rave that manages to elude police notice, but we heartily encourage you to become lascivious and liberated as you like whilst you learn essential moves to put on your own energetic exhibition of 20’s glitz and glamour. Rife with cartoon ‘ooh!’ expressions, cries of ‘mooch to the left, mooch to the right,’ and lots of kiss-blowing, get ready for a hilariously exaggerated and high-energy experience!

Flat shoes are ideal (and we more fashionable for that time) to really let loose comfortably, but groups may also want to sport a drop waisted, raised skirted Flapper dress paired with silk stockings, a string of pearls, feathered headpiece and boa. The makeup of the 20’s was brash and excessive; ladies could even go as far as adding rouge to your knees to be super authentic.


This article was written by Polestars, a London based hen party company who have worked nationwide for almost ten years in delivering the best alternative hen activities. Ranging from dance classes to art lessons to chocolate making workshops, Polestars really has something to offer everyone.

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