Great Ideas for a Modern Farm Wedding

Getting married on a farm is a fairy tale come true for many couples. What is even better is that you can transform your special day into a truly unique experience by adding your personal touch. Consider enhancing your wedding’s rustic elements by utilising a few contemporary aesthetics. It will almost certainly be worth the effort as you will be able to thrill your guests. To get you started, just follow these simple tips and turn your simple barn wedding into an elegant affair. 

Create a unique theme using ordinary items

There’s no need to use expensive items to decorate your wedding venue. It may come as a surprise, but everyday materials can give your wedding a modern yet unique twist. For example, did you know that seed packets can turn into stunningly attractive escort cards?

Since you’ve decided to hold your nuptials on a farm, it makes sense to include fresh flowers and plants in both the ceremony and the reception. Consider adding some modernist designs to your custom signage. For example, you could arrange greens and blooming flowers around your wedding signs. The barn entrance is another area where you could incorporate a modern touch. Adding some fancy draping or elevated flower preparations can turn your grand entrance into a memorable occasion.   

Have an outdoor reception 

Barn interiors can often be barely lit so why not consider moving the reception outside? Your guests will be able to enjoy eating and dancing under the moon and stars. Since the majority of farm venues don’t have any nearby neighbours, you can even party until dawn without having to worry about the noise. 

Consider farm-to-table decor

Depending on your taste, you can create stunning table centrepieces that range from the simple to the elaborate. When preparing this type of decoration, ensure that it doesn’t hinder your guests from interacting with one another. For example, if you use large floral arrangements, think about putting them in tall vases. By doing so, your guests will still be able to chat to those sitting opposite.    

In fact, you could even coordinate with the local florists so that they prepare your decorations in advance. Besides using your favourite flowers as centrepieces, why not also use local farm produce such as figs or artichokes?

Serve a healthy menu

Turning to your menu, remember that ‘less is more’ when it comes to providing your guests with a fabulous meal. In order to enhance the dining experience even more, you could arrange for the food and drink to be served on raw wood and in vintage glassware. By combining fine cuisine with elegant design, you and your guests can enjoy a farm wedding with a modern touch. 

You don’t have to think long and hard about what should be on your menu. You can get inspiration from the food that is produced by the local farmers. You will have no difficulty filling your menu with freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. However, before making a final decision, remember to think about your likes, dislikes, possible allergies and vegan/vegetarian options.  

Decorate the barn 

Decorating your wedding venue can be an exhilarating experience, especially when preparing the barn for the ceremony and reception. Fortunately, most farm buildings have an architecture that makes them perfectly suited to weddings. You can also incorporate some modern elements into the rustic environment by using drapes and other fabrics. Chandeliers and lighting are other elements that can transform your barn into an elegant venue. Adding some greenery to the lights can also enhance the romanticism in the air.   

Incorporate everyday farm and seasonal elements 

Remember to make full use of the available farm elements such as wooden boxes or hay to add authenticity to your rustic wedding. Also, an autumn wedding can look spectacular if you include opulent yet moody tones in both the ceremony and reception. To match the autumn season, consider adding some apples, chicken marsala, plums and figs paired with neutral wedding shades. This type of seasonal and rustic decor has the power to project a timeless wedding image. 

Entertain guests with cocktails during the ‘golden hour’

Cocktails are best served when the sun is about to set. This is a magical moment which will enhance the sophistication of your farm wedding. Of course, it’s possible that not all of your guests will be fond of alcohol so it‘s always wise to offer non-alcoholic drinks as well. One refreshment that is very popular these days is the ‘mocktail’. These are very easy to make by simply combining some basic syrup with herbs, such as thyme or rosemary. Complete the preparation by garnishing the drink with a fresh sprig. 


Incorporating a modern twist to a farm wedding is a popular trend these days. It is a practice that many experts believe injects an air of sophistication and class into the occasion. It is also budget-friendly as it doesn’t cost too much to convert items such as seed packets into elegant cards. The strategic use of drapes and lighting can also liven up the interior of the barn. In addition, the exterior of the farm could be the perfect environment for live entertainment and refreshing cocktails. 


Written by Harriet Thame, marketing head at Crockwell Farm.

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